I make it a thing of mine to get a new colored laptop cover to mark all the new chapters and jobs in my life. It was yellow for the real estate startup that I co-founded with my business partner a few years back, a blue sticker for a fin-tech startup that I worked at briefly, and most recently, a lilac cover at an ad agency. 

After this most recent stint as an art director in an outdated-ad agency, I decided to take an indefinite hiatus from full-time employment. So many things about that situation just wasn't working for me and I felt that I really needed a break. Because my laptop was company-issued, I had to turn it in and purchase a new one. I'm going to be spending the next few months searching for creative inspiration and experimenting. I will be available for freelance work, but primarily, I hope to do some hard-core soul searching during this time. Red seemed a fitting color for death, rebirth, renewed energy. All the things that I really need at the moment.