Packaging Inspo: Tea π


I picked up two bottles of these from my local Ranch 99 Supermarket because the illustrations on the labels caught my eye. Sew sew kewt. It took me awhile but I settled on the two flavors Peach Oolong and Lychee and Rose tea.

I think this is a new brand? The name confuses me but I'm thinking it's suppose to mean "Tea Clique" or "Team Tea"? The official website shows more available flavors as well as an endorsement from Big Bang's which, I mean, is always extra points in my book.

Photo from:  Nongfu Spring

Photo from: Nongfu Spring

Some light Googling reveals that each flavor was done by different illustrators all commissioned by an English design agency Horse Studio.



Marijke Buurlage : Lychee + Rose Tea
She has a great case study of this project on her Wacom profile.