March Splurge

I suspect this will be a part one to the March Haul as I have a bit of a shopping problem. There will definitely be more fun things to share later this month, but the end of March couldn't come soon enough and I really wanted to share my new kit.


1. Delphonics Pencil Pouch - Furry Little Peach featured this in her Japan Haul video and I decided I had to have one too. I purchased one in the same color but in a smaller size. It holds my sketchbook, watercolors, a few pens and still manages to fit in my smaller day to day bag without adding too much bulk. This allows me to carry my kit everywhere to remind me to get me into the habit of sketching more. No excuses now.

2. Pentel Clic Eraser - Not really a new purchase for March, but this post is mainly just the contents of the pencil pouch so I thought I'd include it in the photo. As with all types of retractable erasers, these tend to be a bit fussy and can get all wobbly if you apply too much pressure. However, when you're short on space and on the go, these are great to toss in your travel kit.

3. Staedtler Mars Technico Lead Holder - At the moment I have a piece of 6B lead in it. Normally I would just opt for a no-fuss BIC #2 Mechanical Pencil because I don't want to deal with carrying around a lead sharpener, but I'm trying to train myself to be able to sketch with fatter lead thicknesses as it wears down with use. 

4. Watercolor Notebook - I'll do more a separate sketch book post at a later time, but I'm super happy with the solution I ended up with as I was having trouble finding a watercolor notebook that suited my needs.

5. Windsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Pan Set - I had previously purchased this watercolor set but the brush that came with it was too fine and delicate for the type of quick sketching I wanted to do. I ended up buying another pan set, but this time I wanted the provided aquabrush. Overall, I'm still trying to learn how to use the medium of watercolor all together, and the flow of the aqaubrush is a little hard to control, but it's great when you feel the need to do some quick paintings and you don't want to deal with loose brushes and cleaning out a water dish.

6. Kaweco Perkeo Fountain Pen - I found this video of PearFleur and totally bought into the ideal that I needed a fountain pen. Naturally, I picked the cutest and stubbiest one I could find in the two colors I love best.  

7. Kaweco Skyline Sport Fountain Pen - See above.

8. Uniball Signo Broad in White - These are great for adding in highlights and details ontop of the watercolor. It ink is really opaque and the ball glides real smooth. 

9. "I'm a Unicorn" a Little Golden Book by Joey Chou -  I'm constantly on the hunt for picture books with great illustrations and could not pass up this Joey Chou Golden book. I'll definitely do a post of my Children's book collection in the coming weeks.  


"Quick! The sun's out!"

My hope is that after some of the larger renovation projects around the condo is finished I can find a good spot that allows for a photo station. A spot where I can have a small backdrop with consistent lighting to shoot small products. But in the meantime, sun, paper, a bad phone camera and lots of photoshopping will do. 

And yes, my Christmas tree is still up. Don't judge me. It'll probably just stay up forever.