Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Margaux Perfect Fit Measuring Kit - $15

As someone with really really small (but also really really wide) feet, it’s extreeeeemely difficult (if not impossible) to find shoes that fit. Imagine my excitement when I did some deep internet digging and found Margaux had a “made-to-measure” service. For $15 dollars you can order a measuring kit that comes equipped with special foot ruler, measuring tape, Margaux-branded pencil and notebook, along with a couple of swatches of their most popular fabric colors. You create an account on their website, enter in your measurements and shop for ballet flats available under the “Made-to-measure” category. They’ll customize the flats based on the measurements you enter, and if you’re not completely satisfied with the fit, they’ll work with you to make the adjustments. The $15 for the measuring kit goes towards the final cost of the shoes you purchase. Margaux NYC flats aren’t cheap, but in my mind, to finally own a pair of shoes tailored to my measurements is worth the $150+ dollars. This service is unfortunately only limited to a handful of designs and colors, and I have yet to finalize an order of an actual pair yet, but I’m hopeful for the end result. If you know someone that has difficulty buying shoes, or even someone who’s really into ballet flats, the Margaux Measuring Kit makes for a pretty rad gift. It’s more thoughtful than a gift-card and allows the gift receiver a level of personalization.

Margaux NYC

Cricut Explorer Air 2 - $196

I’m really late to the Cricut bandwagon because for the longest time I had this assumption that it was only good for scrapbooking. Turns out, it’s a pretty versatile cutting machine that can be used for more than just Thank-You cards. It’s been one of my most favorite and most used/ purchase of 2018. The Cricut Explorer Air 2 has the ability to cut, paper, cardstock, adhesives, vinyl, light plastics. I’ve been using the crap out of it to prototype die-cut and kiss-cut stickers. The example projects that they advertise on the marketing site aren’t really to my style, and to me don’t help show the full potential of its’ use cases, but if you’re creative with how you utilize it, the Cricut can be a pretty powerful tool.
It’s currently on sale on Amazon.

Billie Razor Subscription - $9

I’m not an avid shaver, so I refuse to spend $9+ on one single fancy razor that I maybe use twice a month, but I also don’t want to have to keep a $3 bag of cheapo Bic razors that are only good for one time use. Billie is a subscription box where they send you 4 new razor heads based on a frequency that you set: monthly, every 2 months, or every 3 months. The cost averages out to about just a little bit over $2 a razor. That’s much more affordable than the fancy Venus blades, and also with 5 blades per head, thats a much better shave than what any of the disposable Bic razors can offer. Plus, the aloe shave soap that’s encased around it is real nice 👌. It also comes with a magnetic holder to mount it to the wall so it’s not sitting in a pile of rust in your tub. But if I’m honest, their adorable branding and colors are what caught my eye. I got mine in Periwinkle.

Trtl Travel Pillow +

Traditional travel pillows frustrate me because they’re often made of that styrofoam bead material that just move out of the way when weight is applied to it. So not very useful imo. Trtl is different in that its like a cross between a scarf and a neck-brace. Dials on the outside of the neck pads can be turned to adjust for comfort and different neck heights. You effectively wedge it in between your shoulders and your jaw/ chin area to give you a something to rest your head on while you catch some Zs. When I sleep I have this habit of pulling the covers up to cover my chin and mouth area because I feel more secure and less exposed that way. Trtl allows me to do that with the excess scarf-like material. I can even pull it up past my nose if I wanted to. I backed this on Kickstarter back in October and just received the product last week. Super excited. Unfortunately, I won’t be traveling for the holidays so I won’t be able to take it out for a spin. But the next time I do, I’ll be sure to do an update and write a review. The Kickstarter is finished but you can still back it on Indiegogo. Can’t wait that long? Opt for the normal Trtl Travel Pillow available for immediate purchase on their website.