No Pants Day is Everyday #1: Podcasts

A month ago, I quit my job as a product designer at a mobile tech company and opted to freelance while teaming up with a friend to work on a new start up project.  It was a very scary decision to leave, but one that I was relieved to make. I’ve decided to write about my journey here. I’m calling it “No Pants Day is Everyday”. 

Originally, in my mind, I had a very linear story to tell; a day by day chronicling of what it was like to not have to go into an office everyday and just click away at my computer in my underwear. The more I wrote the more I realized I was really bad at stuff like this. So forgive me. It'll be more like a vomit of thoughts pertaining to the life of an independent product designer working from home sans pants. Think more 'scattered pieces of a puzzle', vs. 'Paint by numbers'.

No Pants Day is Everyday #1: Podcasts

I work an odd schedule. It goes as follows:

  • Noon-12:30pm Wake Up and browse Tumblr in bed on my phone and check email 
  • 12:30pm-12:45pm Get out of bed and wash face. Mayyybe I brush my hair.
  • 12:45pm-1pm Check in with partner on Skype and plan projects
  • 1pm-2pm Order delivery via Eat24 and eat some of that delivery
  • 2pm-Midnight Work on projects on and off with tea and snack breaks
  • Midnight-3am watch Youtube videos or Netflix. Maybe eat dinner.
  • 3am-Noon Bed.

Right about 8pm is where I hit my mid day slump and I treat myself to some audio stories as I finish the remainder of my work. Podcasts are only fun to listen to at night anyways. Same with reading books. It’s one of those things you do in solitude while the rest of the world is sleeping. No one will be there to interrupt you as you shamelessly sob into your headphones after listening to this episode of This American Life. The stories are most vivid at midnight. Here is a list of my faves:

  • This American Life - A classic. And I always feel a great deal smarter afterwards. Topics cover everything from Politics, Love & Relationships, Slice of Life, Economics, Food, etc.. My favorite episode is the one about the Coke Formula, the one about the House, and the one about Pork Bung. 
  • Serial - Everybody knows about Serial. If you don’t at this point, shame on you. 
  • Gimlet Media: StartUp, Reply All, Mystery Show. I have all of the Mailchimp Freddies so far and I’m going to make it my goal to collect them all. 
  • 99% Invisible - The Ira Glass for design hipsters. I posted a TED talk special he did about flags previously. If you missed it, check it out here. It's really really good. 
  • The Memory Palace - Really pretty writing.
  • The Allusionist - This appeals to the Anglophile in me. And, for someone whose literary skills aren’t very strong, I’m hoping some of this stuff will sink into my brain. Here's one all about the "C-Word".
  • Answer Me This with Helen & Olly - A newly discovered one. Listener submit questions of any kind and Helen and Olly use their journalistic skills to find the answers. Cute, quick and educational. 

If you're up late like me (it's currently 4:30am), and you can't sleep, hopefully you can find something in this list that can give you good dreams. Unless it's This American Life. Read the synopsis before you listen. Some of them might ruin you. Just. Really deep stuff.